My Son | Olympia Photographer

“They grow up so fast” are words that have been spoken to me time and time again. Lately I have found myself saying those exact same words to friends who have small children. It seems that with each new phase comes that moment of “Holy cow, they were right! Stop growing up so fast!”

I have decided, no matter how much he hates having his picture taken, I’m going to make a priority of getting some photos of him each month. Even if it means bribing him with a cheeseburger and milkshake.

A couple weeks ago I had a session at one of my favorite places and took my kiddo and our dog along so I could get some photos of them. It went well….for a few minutes. This boy of mine has never enjoyed having his photo taken so I have to get tricky with him. In the past it drove me nuts, now it just makes me laugh. And, in some ways, pushes my photography limits.

Time is fleeting folks. No matter if you use your cell phone, a point and shoot camera, or your DSLR, or hire a professional, make it a point to document your life and those in it. The time will come when you will wish you had taken a few minutes to capture some memories because that is all you will have.




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