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I lived in the same home since I was 2 years old. There are more memories than I can count that have been made in this home. Lately I have been taking more photos of my childhood home. As time goes by, I look at things differently and appreciate the little things even more. The way the light shines through the side window in the kitchen in the morning is one of my favorites.

My mom loves to cook. She always has. And she’s quite good at it! I’m hoping to get some photos of her in her element, doing her thing. Might even make her a little book of them. I can still remember the smell of the homemade bread. When I was little we would make cinnamon rolls. They were SO good!

My dad is always doing something. Usually outside. He seems to be happiest when he’s out in the yard. We used to visit while he would water the plants. Sometimes he would let me water them and I always felt so important when that would happen.

It’s funny what we remember over the years. I guess lately I’ve been realizing this more and more and just want to preserve as much of it as I possibly can through photos.



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