Hank Gets A Bath | Olympia Documentary Photographer

Dogs get dirty. And stinky. Bathing them at home can be tricky. Trying to get them in the tub, attempting to bathe them outside. It’s not easy. They seem to know just when to shake off and are amazing at the whole ‘wet noodle’ thing. Hank weights about 70 pounds so when he we noodles, it’s not easy to pick him up. Plus he has all of this excess skin so it’s like trying to pick up a water weenie. And that sad look they get, ugh, it gets me.

What’s tough is that Hank used to just lay down in the bath when he was younger. Now that he’s older he refuses to lay down In an effort to make doggy bath time easier I have tried the self wash. I finally found ‘The One’. It’s inside PetWorks in down town Olympia. They have great products in the store, fabulous customer service, and super nice people in the groomers area. The bathing stalls have a good amount of space between them and they have a great variety of shampoos to choose from. They supply the towels, aprons which I always forget to put on until I’ve gotten wet, the lead to hook your puppy up to in the stall, brushes, and a blow dryer thing.

I have a good feeling this may be Hanks new favorite place. See, they have treats for sale that are down at doggy level. So after his bath, he gets a $1 treat. It’s like taking a toddler to the store. HAHA! For just $15 your dog gets a bath and nails trimmed. Can’t beat that!

Happy non stinky dog = Happy dog mom.


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