Last weekend I had the privilege to photograph a friends daughter for her Senior Portraits. It was so much fun! We went to Tolmie State Park and spent about two hours there. One thing I love about Senior Portraits is finding out what big dreams and plans they have. Dreaming big is what everyone should do. There are times I find that these amazing young people reignite in me my dreams.

This beautiful girl is quite smart and a fabulous ballerina. She told me about this college program in Rome. How fun would that be?! What an experience. After all, that’s what life is all about….the experiences and adventures we take.

Maribeth – best of luck and much success in all that you do!


Sometimes you just have to put on  your rain boots, grab your dog and go on a little adventure. That’s what I did this weekend. It was a crazy week and I needed nothing more than to get out of the house and enjoy the gorgeous Fall day we were having. This time of year these days can be few and far between. We have to take advantage of them when they happen!

Hank was beyond thrilled that we were going on an adventure. He knew something was up because I let him come out to the car with me. It’s like having a toddler all over again. He cracks me up. His typical routine when we go somewhere is to run around the front yard checking on all of the plants, walk to the edge of the driveway to survey the neighborhood, then to the back door of the car. As soon as the door is opened for him he jumps in then hops into the front seat. Why I try to keep him in the back is beyond me.

We headed to Millersylvania State Park. I love that place. It’s small, woodsy, and has some little trails. And the big bonus, you can’t get lost! The foliage was absolutely beautiful this day. Leaves falling as we walked along the little trails, crisp air yet warm enough that you didn’t need a jacket. That’s the best! One thing they have there that I definitely need to check out, is glamping. Yep, glamping. Huge gorgeous tents with beds!

My son is a teenager and hates having his photo taken, so I take lots of pictures of Hank. If you have ever tried to get a toddler to cooperate, or a teenager for that matter, while taking photos you know what it’s like to get a dog to cooperate. Especially one that is checking out the squirrels running around, birds flying by, leaves falling. Holy cow was this an adventure on its own! I did manage to get a few good ones of this wild dog of mine.

This day reminded me just how much I love Washington and to just take the time to relax. We are surrounded by so many beautiful things here in this wonderful state. Make sure you are getting out and exploring them.


Dogs get dirty. And stinky. Bathing them at home can be tricky. Trying to get them in the tub, attempting to bathe them outside. It’s not easy. They seem to know just when to shake off and are amazing at the whole ‘wet noodle’ thing. Hank weights about 70 pounds so when he we noodles, it’s not easy to pick him up. Plus he has all of this excess skin so it’s like trying to pick up a water weenie. And that sad look they get, ugh, it gets me.

What’s tough is that Hank used to just lay down in the bath when he was younger. Now that he’s older he refuses to lay down In an effort to make doggy bath time easier I have tried the self wash. I finally found ‘The One’. It’s inside PetWorks in down town Olympia. They have great products in the store, fabulous customer service, and super nice people in the groomers area. The bathing stalls have a good amount of space between them and they have a great variety of shampoos to choose from. They supply the towels, aprons which I always forget to put on until I’ve gotten wet, the lead to hook your puppy up to in the stall, brushes, and a blow dryer thing.

I have a good feeling this may be Hanks new favorite place. See, they have treats for sale that are down at doggy level. So after his bath, he gets a $1 treat. It’s like taking a toddler to the store. HAHA! For just $15 your dog gets a bath and nails trimmed. Can’t beat that!

Happy non stinky dog = Happy dog mom.


A couple weeks ago I get to my parents house and my dad tells me that a pigeon has been hanging out there all day. I was a little confused as to why a pigeon would be at their house. Our guess is that the storm we had the day before blew him off course. My dad starts telling me how it showed up during my moms garbage sale so her friends were googling how to find a pigeons owner and what to feed them. They came across a phone number to call but had to leave a message.

My dad, the animal lover he is, took out his live trap and put the pigeon in there with some water and birdseed. See, he sent me to the store to get bird seed and when I got home he tells me that he tried to call and let me know not to pick any up. My uncle used to race pigeons. Yes, pigeon racing is a real thing. Anyway, he told my dad not to give it seed because that’s how they get them to go back into their little coupes. Well, we ended up feeding the poor fella. Every day my dad would let the dogs in and let the pigeon out. This went on for about five days. After the second day, I named the pigeon. His name was Jim Bob. If fit him well. My dog Hank loved this bird. Or maybe he just thought he looked yummy….

Each day when Jim Bob would be out of his cage we thought he would fly away. He didn’t. My guess is that he liked us. a lot. He eventually flew up and sat on the top of the shop for a bit but that was the farthest he would go. Sadly, a couple days later he flew home. It was happy for him, sad for us. I started to really like that little fella. He is super cute. One night the light was just gorgeous outside so he had a mini photo shoot. He’s a pro at posing.

Safe travels little buddy!



Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged anything. This past year and some change has been a bit wild. Basically, life happened. I got divorced. It sucked. Life moves on. What was the hardest and strangest thing? Getting a job outside the home. I had been a stay at home mom for just shy of five years. I loved every minute of being home. It was a pretty great feeling though, but man do I miss being home.

There are some changes coming to my little photography business. One thing is a name change due to Ross being my ex husbands name. Our new name is Twig & Pine Photography. The website name will be updated shortly. Another change is that I will be focussing more on documentary/lifestyle type photography. This has been my passion for quite some time and will be my focus going forward. It’s a fabulous way to capture those true, genuine moments we all long to look back on years later. I’m so jazzed about all of the fun changes coming and can’t wait to share them with all of you!

Probably the biggest change, and one I’ll be honest and tell you that it scares me a lot, is in person ordering sessions. These will give you the opportunity to purchase prints and other amazing products from your photo session. One of the products is this gorgeous wood box. I actually want to buy a couple more for myself. Framed print galleries will also be available. The frames are beautiful and come in a range of sizes. Needless to say, I’m super excited to capture your moments and deliver beautiful products to you.

Now here are some flowers because they are pretty.