I think it’s safe to say it’s been awhile since I have posted anything.

What a crazy few months it’s been. And these last few weeks with Spring football starting, end of the school year wrapping up, trying to plan my vacation….my head is spinning. Out of those three things, only two actually happened. You guessed it, Spring football and the end of the school year. This means we have survived (barely) Freshman year. Holy moly what a ride that was! For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing this, I will say a prayer for you. To say it was a learning experience for both me and my son would be an understatement. But hey, we made it and that’s what counts!

Never did I think that planning a vacation would be so difficult! I had some grand ideas for what we could go do. Then my car was broken into. FYI, quarter glass windows on an Expedition are not cheap. Oh, and for a few days of my vacation, my son is out of state at football camp. I’m not complaining. A few days of me time and to get things all situated at home is fine by me. Plus he is off having a great time with his friends and teammates. I would consider that a win/win. So instead of taking some fun road trip for a few days, we will go fishing at Millersylvania State Park, the batting cages, and out to dinner at a local restaurant I’ve been telling him we will go to for a few years (mom fail for not doing it sooner!)

Speaking of Millersylvania. If you haven’t been, you need to go. It is a great spot to camp, fish, swim. They even  have a beer/wine garden for the adults! I remember going there to swim when I was a kid and how grossed out we would get when the fish would swim between our legs. YUCK! They have boat rentals there too. You can rent a peddle boat, canoe, kayak, and even paddle boards I believe. Best part, they have a snack shack thing. It’s a gorgeous park with some trails to walk or just hang out by the fire at your campsite. Can’t wait to go camping there! Oh, and this is also where Pampered Wilderness is!! Hello glamping!

I’ve been trying to get out and shoot when I can. It has been delightful just taking my camera and going for a walk. The other night (when it was a million degrees) I wandered the Capital Campus. Here are a few photos I snapped real quick. 


This Christmas a bit different than most. We celebrated about a week after, didn’t have a tree, and opened gifts in the kitchen. With my parents kitchen getting remodeled it threw wrench in the festivities. So what did we do? We rolled with it. One of my coworkers brought me a little table top tree and decorations. Since the living room had most of the kitchen items in it, we opened gifts in the half remodeled kitchen. It worked well actually.

Some things that this Christmas made me reflect on were: cutting down and decorating a tree really makes it feel like Christmas and that you don’t need all the cute, fun decorations to enjoy the day. All you need is your family….and a fresh cut tree. This year, we will have both.


I lived in the same home since I was 2 years old. There are more memories than I can count that have been made in this home. Lately I have been taking more photos of my childhood home. As time goes by, I look at things differently and appreciate the little things even more. The way the light shines through the side window in the kitchen in the morning is one of my favorites.

My mom loves to cook. She always has. And she’s quite good at it! I’m hoping to get some photos of her in her element, doing her thing. Might even make her a little book of them. I can still remember the smell of the homemade bread. When I was little we would make cinnamon rolls. They were SO good!

My dad is always doing something. Usually outside. He seems to be happiest when he’s out in the yard. We used to visit while he would water the plants. Sometimes he would let me water them and I always felt so important when that would happen.

It’s funny what we remember over the years. I guess lately I’ve been realizing this more and more and just want to preserve as much of it as I possibly can through photos.



I’ve known Jessica for a few years. We worked at Starbucks together, what seems like a lifetime ago. She contacted me a couple months ago to do some family photos of her, the boyfriend, and kiddos. Plans changed a bit and it ended up just being the grown ups. Then came the threat of rain. Oh how I love and hate the rain. We got lucky and the weather was gorgeous. Chilly, but gorgeous.

Trying to decide on the vibe for a session can be difficult sometimes. In chatting we decided that since it’s Fall we would embrace it and do hot coco, flannel, puffy vests, and some nature. We are so lucky to live in a place that has such beautiful parks and fun little hidden gems. Millersylvania State Park is where we ended up and it was the perfect place. They showed up with hot chocolate in hand….and Starwars mugs!! So perfect.

Jessica and Sean are a hoot together. Jess, it’s so wonderful seeing you so dang happy!! Love ya lady!




“They grow up so fast” are words that have been spoken to me time and time again. Lately I have found myself saying those exact same words to friends who have small children. It seems that with each new phase comes that moment of “Holy cow, they were right! Stop growing up so fast!”

I have decided, no matter how much he hates having his picture taken, I’m going to make a priority of getting some photos of him each month. Even if it means bribing him with a cheeseburger and milkshake.

A couple weeks ago I had a session at one of my favorite places and took my kiddo and our dog along so I could get some photos of them. It went well….for a few minutes. This boy of mine has never enjoyed having his photo taken so I have to get tricky with him. In the past it drove me nuts, now it just makes me laugh. And, in some ways, pushes my photography limits.

Time is fleeting folks. No matter if you use your cell phone, a point and shoot camera, or your DSLR, or hire a professional, make it a point to document your life and those in it. The time will come when you will wish you had taken a few minutes to capture some memories because that is all you will have.